Preferred Office Documents 

For your convenience we have posted checklists and explanations for viewing or printing.  


Clearing up Smoke Alarm Laws
Read All New and Existing Rules Controlling Smoke Alarms in Residential Properties.

Contractors and Vendors List
View All the Recommended Contractors and Vendors We Use.

Emergency Supply Checklist
Recommended Items to Include in a Basic Emergency Supply Kit.

Energy Efficiency Checklist
A Simple Checklist of Energy Conservation/Efficiency Measures to Use at Home.

Fire Safety Checklist
A Checklist on How To Make Your Home Fire Safe.

Home Security Checklist
Use This Guide to Check Off Any Potential Safety Hazards to Make Your Home Safer.

Home Service Checklist
Recommended Maintenance Schedule for Homeowners.

Homestead Explanation-forms
The Homestead Exemption Explanation and Document Form.

Moving Checklist
Checklist of Companies to Give New Home Details too After Moving.

Vesting Explanations
Method by Which a Person Holds Title to Real Estate.